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Fujitsu Uvance, a brand supporting digital innovation and sustainability

At the ActivateNow 2021 international event, Fujitsu unveiled Fujitsu Uvance, a brand new global corporate brand, which identifies a portfolio of solutions for business customers to facilitate the transition to a sustainable world. Thanks to Fujitsu’s technological capabilities and experience, Uvance embodies the company’s ultimate goal of ” making the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation “, underlined CEO Takahito Tokita during the opening keynote of the event.

The spirit of the initiative is embodied by the word itself “Uvance”, which represents the union of the Anglo-Saxon terms Universal and Advance. Basically it summarizes the concept of directing all things in a sustainable direction. The expectations for Fujitsu Uvance are very high: it has the task of driving the growth of Fujitsu’s core business, which includes seven key areas of interest.

Of these, four are vertical business areas: Sustainable Manufacturing, Consumer Experience, Healthy Living and Trusted Society. In support of these vertical areas there are then the horizontal areas Digital Shifts, Business Applications and Hybrid IT, which will have the task of acting as a glue by composing a platform for data collection, through which to create synergies and promote analysis.

A reflection on the future

Tokita’s intervention then focused on reflection on the dynamics that are occurring at a global level. Continued global population growth has caused socio-economic disparities and climate change. The pandemic has forced the world’s population to reflect on its founding values ​​and question the changes that are needed to create a better future.

Fujitsu, which has always had a strong commitment to the environment, has decided to take up the challenges that the company presents by further accentuating its eco-sustainable vision. Fujitsu also shares the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations and is committed to contributing to their achievement by 2030.

To celebrate Fujitsu Uvance, the company has been renamed the historic Fujitsu Kawasaki Tower to “Fujitsu Uvance Kawasaki Tower”. This is where customers will be able to experience the future potential of technologies such as biometrics, image analysis and more.