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Juniper Networks: 400 Gbps per l’intent-based networking

A chassis switch, midsize, capable of bringing 400 Gbps connections within data centers. But above all, capable of enabling advanced automation functions that definitely aim at intent-based networking. These are the foundations on which Juniper Networks has developed the new QFX5700 switch, a modular system that supports connections from 10 to 400 Gbps, with various types of interfaces, and is intended in particular for large enterprises, service providers, cloud providers. Its total capacity is a whopping 25.6 Tbps of bi-directional bandwidth.

In reality, Juniper also invites us to go beyond the plate characteristicsof the new switch, to appreciate its basic concept. A new step “in the redefinition of the data center”, emphasizes the company. Or rather – in the words of Michael Bushong, VP of Data Center Product Management – in the path that must lead companies to think not of networks per se but of networking. Not to cables and connections but to the ability to connect people and processes in an optimal way. ” If companies still think of data centers using the language of connectivity, they are missing out on the true big picture,” Bushong points out.

The concept to which Juniper refers is that of intent-based networking, which the new QFX5700 switch allows to extend within the data center by integrating theextended automation functions derived from the acquisition of Apstra. An approach that puts IT operations at the forefront. Because, as Bushong explains, ” The experience offered [by data centers] depends more on the way the environment is managed than any technological component implemented. ” Thus an intent-based data center ” automatically translates business decisions into network configurations in complex, dynamic and multi-vendor environments “.

The approach may not be easy to understand but is clearly appreciated by the market. It is no coincidence that after the acquisition of Apstra, Juniper has won over fifty new customersand tripled the number of nations in which it is present. The new QFX5700 switch was created to reinforce this trend by bringing intent-based networking to ever new areas of the data center. Among other things, guaranteeing a fluid growth path towards 400G broadband : the support for interfaces starting from 10 GbE and different network topologies allows to start in (relatively) small to grow over time.